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Gachisoft is creating new value through technological development and expanding its business areas.

  • Relocation to Sejong Headquarters
  • Supply of inspection equipment to Samsung Electronics
  • Supply of optical equipment to Samsung Display
  • Supply of 3D scanners for Hyundai Motor inspection
  • 3D scanner development for Kia Motor
  • Signing of a business agreement with Omron
  • Entry into the business of 3D scanners, robots, vision systems, and AGV logistics with Omron
  • Registration as a supplier for ABB
  • Joint business in logistics, automation, and 3D scanners with ABB
  • Supply of high-speed sorters to Coupang's Siheung facility
  • Maintenance and supply of new scanners for CJ Logistics nationwide sub-terminals
  • Design contract for postal consolidation and parcel sorting in Jeonju and Jeju (Korea Post Business Headquarters)
  • Contract for the development and construction of 5-sided ITS-compatible S/W W&D Center I/F (CJ Logistics)
  • Supply of high-speed sorters to Coupang's Siheung facility
  • Supply of scanners to Coupang's Changwon Logistics Center
  • Supply of voice sorting equipment to BGF Logistics
  • Supply of sorters to Coupang's Incheon 12 Center
  • Installation of small parcel sorters at Korea Post Business Headquarters Bupyeong/Anyang Postal Logistics Centers
  • Supply of singulators (cargo sorters), scanners, and sorters to Coupang's Goyang Logistics Center
  • Commencement of nationwide upgrade and maintenance of ITS scanners for CJ Logistics
  • Installation of high-speed wheel sorters (belt sorters) at Coupang Siheung 1
  • Delivery of recentering equipment to the Central Regional Postal Logistics Center (Korea Post Business Headquarters)
  • Development of palletizing algorithms (CJ Logistics, pallet loading automation)
  • Delivery of sorters to Lotte Global Logistics Paju Center
  • Delivery of high-speed conveyor automatic recognition systems (CJ Logistics, 3-sided IPS + volume measurement and height enhancement)
  • Delivery of 2x2 direction-changing belt sorters to CJ Nonsan Factory
  • Delivery of 3x4 direction-changing wheel sorters to Harim Iksan Factory
  • Delivery of 6x7 wheel sorters to Coupang Deokpyeong and 3x3 wheel sorters to Bucheon
  • Delivery of depalletizing vision systems
  • Delivery of 3-sided IPS 4-type equipment to the Central Regional Postal Logistics Center
  • Small Parcel Sorting Performance Improvement Project and More (Korea Post Business Headquarters Gangneung Region)
  • Development of Multi-handling Equipment for Parcel Freight and High-speed Automatic Sorting and Distribution Technology (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport)
  • Installation of K-Packet Automatic Sorters (International Postal Logistics Center, Airport Terminals)
  • Korea Post Business Headquarters IPS Replacement Project (Suwon 5-sided/Cheongju/Jeonju/Jinju Postal Centers)
  • Development of Vision-based High-efficiency Automatic Cargo Singulators (Korea SMEs and Startups)
  • Improvement of Automatic Processing for Return Postal Items (Eastern Seoul Postal Central)
  • Delivery of Manual Support Devices for Large Parcel Handling (2 Postal Centers)
  • Small Parcel Sorting Information Integration Project (Korea Post Business Headquarters, Postal Centers)
  • Development of Multi-sided Barcode OHS Prototype (Daejeon Technopark Foundation)
  • Commencement of Small Parcel Sorting Equipment Development
  • Development of Single-Sided Barcode OHS Prototype (Daejeon Free Economic Zone Development Foundation)
  • National Small Parcel Sorting Performance Enhancement (Korea Post Business, Address Recognition)
  • Development of Parcel Image Recognition System (SMEs and Startups, BCR/OCR)
  • Small Parcel Sorting Modification Project (Jinju Postal Consolidation Center, OCR)
  • Development and delivery of vehicle license plate recognition software
  • Development and delivery of a registered mail reception system (Gwanghwamun Post Office)
  • Establishment of GachiSoft Co., Ltd. (ETRI Venture)
  • Venture Company Certification and Establishment of Corporate Research Institute

Sejong Headquarters (30141) 50, Jiphyeonjungang 4-ro, Sejong-si, 30141, Republic of Korea


Seoul Research Institute (06798) 13, Bonmaeul 2-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Incheon Office (22530) 23, Bangchuk-ro 83beon-gil, Dong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

Dongtan Office (18468) 635, Dongtan-daero, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Room 1202-1, Republic of Korea

U.S. Branch Office (10787) Carmel Glen Trail #62, San Diego, CA 92130

1858 723 1339
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